A Letter to 2015 Self

hand lettering by yours truly

Dear you,

2015 was quite a year. There are many things you might feel the same way as you are now, but let's take a good look what are the good, the bad and the ugly things had done to you. Things that shape you as a whole human. And some of them are become your best moments to reflect how blessed you are.

Remember the Belitung trip last April? The beaches, the gorgeous sea, Museum Kata Andrea Hirata, lots of seafood, and the best of all: moments where you had fun with your office mates / squad back then. A trip where you still made it anyway though you only shown the ID copy. You missed the snorkeling, but the rest trip was a blast. Tee-hee!

One of your best friend finally tied the knot with the man she loves. Arranging a simple, non-kinky bachelorette for four became the most intimate and rare moments you had as single young ladies who grew up together at the same neighborhood. You even made their big day immortal and stood by her side moments before she's officially a wife. Bridesmaids attires mean nothing when you literally present at your best friend's big day.

You're a late bloomer, but you're growing as you moved into the new place last December. In the middle of hustling world of PR agency, you've endured and give yourself another chance to grow while others might decided to give up. It's sad for leaving the place once you called home and bunch of people who became family by bond. There were tears between the laughs, prejudice that almost defeat the confidence, a huge lost you couldn't imagined before..BUT YOU DECIDED TO MOVE FORWARD. You've find your own way to stay alive happily and keep learning. Kudos. But still, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Now, the best of all: creating @aksarabyratri last October as 'the only hope' you had when your life was in jeopardy back then. Started from joined hand lettering workshop then one thing leads to another, and finally, with a little luck, lots of determination and the power of social media YOU. CREATED. SOMETHING.  Sincerity in passion became the key as well as curiosity when it comes to inspiration. Your work took a part of your friends' life celebration as a sincere gift, and it keeps coming until today. The artwork collaboration marked a good beginning earlier this year, alhamdulillah. Baby steps indeed, but hey, @aksarabyratri is indeed growing right before your eyes!

May the force is strong with this one, this year.

Sincerely, 2016 self.

P.S. : this post is specially written for IHB Blogpost Challenge's The Best Moments of 2015.

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  1. Congratulations for the new creation. May it will bloom and blossom as you may wish. Good luck for 2016

  2. congrats for your project! Wish 2016 will be a really good year for all of us ♥

    My Little Cream Button ♥

  3. keren mba :D selamat ya atas pencapaiannya di 2015 :D semoga sukses di 2016 :D

  4. May you be so much stronger this year! You did great last year, I'm happy reading this :)

  5. Congratulations for the aksara by ratri. Sukses terus yaa

    1. thank you kak Witha! semoga rjbyroswitha juga laris manis yaaa


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